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Please ensure that your pet is either in a travel crate or on a leash before bringing them to their appointment.

Geriatric Care for Pets in Jackson

Our Jackson veterinarians provide comprehensive geriatric vet care for senior cats and dogs to help them feel comfortable and healthy in their old age.

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Geriatric Care for Senior Pets

To help them maintain a good quality of life as they continue to age, senior pets need routine preventive veterinary care and early diagnosis throughout their golden years.

Diligent care can help extend your pet's life and good health as they age, so they must attend regularly scheduled wellness exams, even if they seem healthy. 

Our veterinarians are here to help geriatric pets in Jackson achieve optimal health by identifying and treating emerging health issues early and providing proactive treatment while they can still be effectively and easily managed.

Geriatric Care for Pets, Jackson

Routine Wellness Exams

Preventive care is critical for your senior pet's health, happiness, and fulfillment. It also allows our veterinarians to detect diseases earlier.

Early detection of disease will help preserve your pet's physical health and catch emerging health issues before they develop into long-term problems. Regular physical examinations will give your pet the best chance of long-term health.

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Typical Health Problems

Due to improved dietary options and better veterinary care, companion cats and dogs are living far longer today than they have in the past. 

While this is certainly something to be celebrated, pet owners and veterinarians are now dealing with more age-related conditions than in the past.

Senior pets are typically prone to the following conditions:

Care Tailored for Seniors

Our vets will thoroughly examine your senior pet, ask about their home life in detail and perform any tests that may be required to receive additional insight into his or her general physical health and condition. 

Based on the results, we will recommend a treatment plan that may include medications, activities, and dietary changes to help improve your senior pet's health, well-being, and comfort.

End-of-Life Care

As pet parents, one of the most difficult choices we must make is when to let our beloved companion go. 

Whether your four-legged friend is in her golden years or has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, you may feel many emotions as you deal with this impending loss. 

We do everything we can at Jackson Animal Clinic to ensure your pet's final days or weeks are calm, comfortable, and pain-free, including performing a comprehensive quality-of-life exam, prescribing medication and food for pain management, and offering humane euthanasia.

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