Pet Vaccinations at Jackson Animal Clinic

Are you a pet owner based in or around Jackson, TN? We offer a complete range of veterinary services at Jackson Animal Clinic. Allow us to use our skills and experience to help your pet live a happy and healthy life. Our services include internal medicine, pet boarding, grooming, pet dentistry, spay and neuter, preventative care, and several other veterinary services.

If you have not started your pet on a vaccination program, we highly recommend you come to visit us at Jackson Animal Clinic. It’s important to keep your pets current with their vaccinations, as vaccines play a key role in protecting your pets from several types of preventable diseases.  Our veterinarian can create a vaccination schedule for your pets to ensure they have the best possible chance to live a full and disease-free life.


Pet Vaccinations

Pet vaccinations are a quick, convenient, and affordable way to keep your pets healthy. Several serious health conditions can be avoided by maintaining a vaccination schedule. 

There are some misconceptions about adverse reactions from vaccinations. However, most reactions to vaccinations are mild, such as slight fever or lethargy. Vaccinations protect pets from many potentially fatal diseases and their benefits far outweigh their potential risks. 

Core vaccines are an essential part of preventative pet care. There are also specialized, noncore vaccines designed for specific diseases that can be given to pets based on their individual lifestyles. Our team has years of experience providing vaccinations to pets in Jackson, TN, and can do the same for your pets. We recommend that you follow the vaccination schedule laid out by our veterinarian so that your furry friends are protected.

The timing of vaccinations is important, especially for younger pets. Vaccination schedules are important because giving an animal too many vaccines during a single visit can cause negative reactions.   

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We understand that your pet is a valued member of your family. All of our team members are kind and compassionate and provide individualized care to your pet. Whether you are looking for pet vaccinations or any other type of veterinary service for your pet, visit us at Jackson Animal Clinic. To schedule an appointment, call or contact us through our website.