Kitten Care

If you have recently acquired a new kitten to care for, you likely want to take the necessary steps to keep your new pet in the best of health. An important step for all pets, especially kittens, is to find and visit a qualified veterinarian for veterinary care. Our team of veterinarians at Jackson Animal Clinic is here to maintain and improve your cat’s health throughout its life. We have put together a few tips that you can use to help keep your new furry little friend happy and healthy for years to come.


Conduct A Safety Check

Before you allow your kitten to roam freely in your home, it is best to do a safety check to ensure your pet does not run into mishaps while it makes its way around. Get down on your hands and knees, so you have a better vantage point as you look through the rooms your kitten will be frequenting. Remove hazards such as string items, belongings with sharp or protruding edges, and chemical agents. Do not allow your pet to have access to areas where these hazards are present.

Obtain A Few Necessary Items

Your kitten will need a few items to keep it healthy and comfortable during this stage of its life. Kittens are naturally curious and enjoy playing with age-appropriate cat toys. These toys can be obtained from a pet supply store. In addition, pick up a litter pan and litter for your kitten to go to the bathroom. You will also need a water bowl and food dish. Keep these items in the same location day after day, so your kitten is familiar with where to go to eat, drink, and eliminate waste. It is also wise to pick up some grooming supplies, such as shampoo, nail clippers, and a flea comb to keep your new kitten healthy.

See A Veterinarian Regularly

A kitten needs routine care from a veterinarian so it does not suffer from medical ailments. During a wellness visit, our veterinarians will check your pet from nose to tail to ensure its bodily functions are working as they should. We will make some recommendations regarding your kitten's dietary needs.

We will also provide you with information about spaying or neutering, microchipping, parasite prevention, and vaccinations. Your kitten will require appointments more frequently during the younger years to ensure it is growing properly. When your cat becomes one year of age, appointments are usually scheduled yearly.

Get Veterinary Care for Your Cat in Jackson, TN

If you are ready to bring your kitten to a veterinarian for a pet care check-up, contact Jackson Animal Clinic to make an appointment with our veterinarians. Call us today at (731) 668-1440 to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians.