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Pet Ear Infections

If your pet has an ear infection, you can notice subtle signs of it in the way they behave, and they can also start to show other debilitating symptoms such as excessive itching and even changes in behavior. Pet ear infections are common, so a veterinarian on our team will be able to provide proper treatment to help alleviate your pet's symptoms.

At Jackson Animal Clinic in Jackson, TN, we have a trained veterinarian on our team can help your pet feel better and help them find relief from their ear infections. If you need help with their symptoms and want to make sure their ear infection does not return, read on below to see how we can help.


What Are Pet Ear Infections?

Pet ear infections are infections that can affect the outside of the ear, middle part of the ear, and the inner ear canal. These types of ear infections are common, but they usually only affect the outer part of the ear. This is known as otitis externa. However, if left untreated, otitis externa can quickly spread to the middle and inner ear canal, known as otitis media and otitis interna.

Pet ear infections can have a variety of causes, including parasites, fungi, bacteria, and viral infections. Pet ear infections are also caused by past trauma to the ear. For instance, a wound inside of the ear can get infected if left untreated.

Pet ear infections can cause a variety of symptoms in your pet, including:

  • Itchy ears, or pawing at the ears
  • Tilting the head back and forth
  • Crustiness around the ear
  • Discharge coming from the ear
  • Foul smelling ear
  • Fevers
  • Bleeding from the ears
  • Swelling around the ears

If you notice these signs in your pet, contact a veterinarian on our team for help.

How Can a Veterinarian Help Me?

A veterinarian on our team will conduct an exam and look at the entirety of your pet's ear. He or she can look inside of the ear to help determine if dry skin, trauma to the ear, or allergies are to blame for your pet's symptoms. He or she can also help determine which treatment will be best for your pet ear infections. Treatment can include medication such as ear drops, anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce swelling, and pain medication.

A vet on our team can also conduct a follow-up exam to make sure your pet's ear infection is healing appropriately.

Get Relief for Your Pet Ear Infections

At Jackson Animal Clinic in Jackson, TN, a veterinarian on our team can help prevent your pet ear infections from leading to complications. We want to prevent problems from arising and help their symptoms. Call us at (731) 668-1440 to schedule an appointment.