Pet Dermatology

If you notice that your dog or cat has skin that appears dry, flaky, or bumpy, you will want to bring your pet to our team as soon as possible. Our team at Jackson Animal Clinic in Jackson is here to help. Contact us to make an appointment with our veterinarians if you suspect pet allergies or another pet dermatology issue. Here are some signs that indicate a visit is necessary to receive treatment for a skin issue.


Skin Is Dry or Flaky

When a pet suffers from dry skin, it usually makes them feel itchy as there is a lack of moisture within the body. You may notice flecks of skin that had loosened from the body. These look much like dandruff. When a pet has dry skin, it is best to avoid providing the animal with too many bathing sessions. Over-bathing depletes the body of natural oils, which help to keep it moisturized. Visit our vet for recommendations on shampoo and conditioners that help to retain moisture.

Areas Do Not Have Fur at All

If a dog or cat is suffering from pet allergies, they will likely bite or scratch affected areas of the skin in an attempt to relieve itchiness or discomfort. This can cause the fur to fall out in these spots. Check your pet's skin for signs of an allergy to determine whether treatment is necessary. In some cases, pets physically remove fur if they are suffering from anxiety or depression. For this reason, it is best to seek assistance from our veterinarians so proper care is administered.

Redness, Bumpiness, Or Discharge Is Noticed

If there is a visible blemish on your pet's skin, he or she may be experiencing an allergic reaction to food, a chemical, or the environment. Skin allergies are usually noticed when raised bumps are felt while petting the cat or dog. Take a closer look to determine whether your pet is also suffering from fleas. Both cases require medication to alleviate symptoms entirely. A flea problem needs to be addressed with a topical medication to kill parasites.

In most cases, the skin heals after the eradication of these parasites. If bumps are still present, additional skin medication may be needed to completely clear the skin problems. An antibiotic may also be necessary if your pet continuously scratches or bites at their skin to relieve the discomfort.

Contact Us for Treatment in Jackson

If your dog or cat has pet allergies or is dealing with another dermatology issue, contact Jackson Animal Clinic in Jackson to make an appointment with our veterinarians for an evaluation. We provide many services include routine well-care visits, emergency assistance, and surgical procedures. Call our office today at (731) 668-1440 for more information.