Pet Dental X-Ray

Pet Dental X-Ray at Jackson Animal Clinic

Jackson Animal Clinic understands that you want to provide your pet with a loving home, a high quality of life, and the highest possible standard of health care. Our facility offers complete care for your pet, from routine check-ups and primary care to dermatology, dentistry, internal medicine, surgery, and diagnostic evaluation such as ultrasound. Jackson, TN, pet parents can bring their pets to one trusted veterinarian no matter what the issue instead of enlisting several specialists. For dental problems including periodontal disease, impacted teeth, and many others, Jackson Animal Clinic recommends a pet dental x-ray for the most accurate diagnosis.


The Importance of Pet Dental Care by a Veterinarian

Many people think of pet dental issues as secondary or minor in comparison to heart disease or gastrointestinal issues. However, dental problems are a major concern since they can strongly influence your pet’s appetite. Good nutrition in turn affects the immune system and overall health.  

A pet dental x-ray takes the guesswork out of a diagnosis. Instead of being an excessive add-on, it provides the most straightforward look into your pet’s dental health. Sometimes, a pet dental x-ray reveals that a tooth is healthier than it appears, and our veterinarian can take a simpler approach to care.

Pet Oral Surgery and the Benefits of Pet Dental X-Ray

More than half of a pet’s teeth lie below the gumline. Dental problems may lie in the root, the nerves, or the bone, all of which can cause considerable pain and should not be left untreated. Cats sometimes experience resorptive lesions which produce symptoms similar to human cavities. Tumors can also develop below the gums, parts of broken teeth may remain buried, and vestigial baby teeth can fail to come out as they should. 

Dental x-rays show subtle fractures, impactions, infections, and the roots of teeth in detail, even better than standard x-rays. Developments in x-ray technology have prompted many offices to use digital x-rays, which mean less exposure to radiation for the patient and even more definition in the image.  

A thorough examination by a veterinarian only reveals the upper surface of teeth, but pet dental x-rays along with dental probing and charting will get to the heart of the problem and guide our veterinarian to the most efficient treatment plan.

Pet Dental X-Ray in Jackson

At Jackson Animal Clinic, we have years of experience performing pet dental services including pet oral surgery. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at (731) 668-1440.