Pet Dental Care

Caring for your pet's teeth is an essential part of your pet’s healthcare. If you need assistance with teeth cleaning or if your pet requires pet oral surgery to remove a tooth, contact Jackson Animal Clinic to make an appointment with one of our veterinarians.


Why Pet Dental Care Is Important

If you do not keep on top of your pet's oral hygiene, the animal will be more prone to certain medical conditions due to the deterioration of the teeth and gums. Cleaned teeth are less likely to have a buildup of plaque and tartar. If these substances adhere to your pet's teeth and are not removed, they will eventually spread under your pet's gumline. This leads to possible tooth loss. If you clean your pet's teeth regularly, you can check the teeth during these sessions. If you notice a broken or loose tooth, you should contact our veterinarians for pet dental care without delay.

How To Care For Your Pet's Teeth

Make it a priority to set aside a block of time each day where you can assess your pet's dental health. During this time, brush as many of your pet's teeth as it will allow. In time, your pet will become used to the procedure and will allow you to brush more teeth during your sessions together. Purchase pet dental toothpaste and a toothbrush from a pet supply store. You can also provide your pet with dental treats to remove tartar from the surfaces of your pet’s teeth.

What Our Veterinarian Will Do To Help

When you bring your dog or cat to our animal clinic for a dental appointment, it will first have a complete physical to check for medical issues. If a problem is detected, we will discuss a treatment plan during your visit. Our veterinarian will check your pet's teeth in detail during the dental portion of the visit. If your pet needs to have a tooth pulled, pet dental surgery will be scheduled for another time. Our veterinarian will also scale your pet's teeth to remove tartar and provide tips regarding pet dental care that you can do at home.

Pet Dental Care in Jackson, TN

If you are a new pet owner or new to the area and your pet needs a dental checkup, call Jackson Animal Clinic today at (731) 668-1440 to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians. We are available for routine pet dental cleanings as well as pet oral surgery procedures.