Euthanasia FAQS from Jackson Animal Clinic

The decision to euthanize your pet is challenging and emotional. Whether from natural causes or a sudden illness, all pet owners will question the process. At Jackson Animal Clinic in Jackson, TN, we can help you answer all questions about end of life care, pet euthanasia, and dog end of life care. Find out the answers to common questions about pet euthanasia below. 


How Is a Pet Euthanized?

Most pets are euthanized with an intravenous (IV) injection. The injection given by the veterinarian will cause your pet to become unconscious, and eventually, their heart will stop beating, causing your pet to pass away. The injection is usually given in the legs, and it takes about one minute to administer. 

How Do I Know That my Pet May Need to Be Euthanized?

Your pet will exhibit many concerning symptoms and have an overall poor quality of life. Symptoms or signs include:

  • Avoiding eating or drinking
  • Appears to be in a lot of pain
  • Is very old
  • Already has a terminal injury or condition

Does the Process Hurt My Pet?

The only pain your pet should feel is the initial injection made with the needle. After that, most pets are generally unbothered by injections. We will discuss the options with you to make the process seamless.  

What Happens after My Pet Passes Away? 

Pets have different eyelids than humans, and it's normal for them to keep their eyes open after they pass. They may also pass urine or feces. Some pets also take deep breaths or gasps after their heart has stopped beating. 

What Happens to the Body?

You will have different options for your pets after they pass away. Some pet owners decide to take their pets home and bury them, while others opt for cremation. We can help you decide which option is best for you. 

Should I Bring Children to the Procedure?

You can ultimately decide if your child should be present for euthanasia. Young children typically do not understand that death is permanent, and it can be traumatic for them. Therefore, you should arrange for your children to be somewhere else if you believe it will be a distraction. 

Contact Jackson Animal Clinic for Pet Euthanasia and End of Life Care Questions 

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